Friday, August 18, 2006

Nelson and John Kruk

Not necessarily one conscious thought, but not enough of either to justify a post. Normally, I wouldn't want to post this late on a party night, but tonight is amateur night in Parkersburg. It's homecoming, and tonight's headliner, Nelson had to cancel...

Matthew Nelson developed a severe case of laryngitis after the duo played a show in the rain Tuesday in Charlotte, N.C., said Obi Steinman, band manager. The group is composed of Matthew and his brother, Gunnar, who are the sons of the late Ricky Nelson.

Damn, I was really looking forward to seeing this. No, seriously! I would love to go down there and see if anyone is singing along with them. Or better yet, have an old tour t-shirt on! Four words, "Don't-be-that- guy!"

I knew John Kruk was from WV, but not born in my hometown of Charleston. He's most recognized as being from Keyser, in the eastern panhandle. Well, he's known for the mullet and a case of beer to exchange numbers with a teammate. Anyhow, Kruk was interviewed on Sports Bloggers Live yesterday. It's worth listening to, as well as the rest of the podcast.

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Cool Hand Mike said...

I always prefered dad singing Garden Party. Smooth voices must've been genetic.