Friday, August 18, 2006

Burke Responds

Mike Burke of the Cumberland Times-News re-visits an article he wrote last week, I think. To his credit, he notes problems with both set's of fans, as noted by the title of his article, "Yes, the shoe fits, and both feet wear it." I feel obliged to respect his perspective, being that he is a Maryland grad. The thing about this is that I have never really felt a hatred for Maryland, other than those blowouts in the early part of this decade. And that had a lot more to do with loosing than anything else. The games have generally been competitive over the years. I just always thought of it as the best OOC game on our schedule that seemed to work well for both programs.

Was I a little harsh with all the middle fingers? Yes. Would I do it again? Probably. Hopefully what I didn't do was encourage fans to use excessive language or violence on our guest when they come to Morgantown. Save it for the game folks.

This is a series that we need to get back on our schedule. This is the last year for the series that I know of. Hopefully we can work something out. Whoever we replace them with will not be as good a fit as Maryland.


knee_bone said...

This guy is a tool.

Johnny said...

I really thoght so at first, but he inserted some emails from WV fans, and was very gracious in his last article. One thing is for sure, a lot of people know who Mike Burke is now.