Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Sorry that I posted my pre-season poll, and then took it back off. But I'm not ready with all my facts to back up my predictions.

Hat Tip to We Must Ignite This Couch for pointing me in the direction of this YouTube of Steve Slaton on Cold Pizza.


Cool Hand Mike said...

When have facts ever gotten in the way of a poll(i.e. AP, ESPN, USA TODAY, and CNN/SI). Some of my picks are explained by nothing more than "good juju".

Johnny said...

As Jason Priestly's character said in "Tombstone", "There's got to be some law round here." Hehehe, I love that movie! I can't just put it up without some insight, or I will catch the worst kind of hell for it. At least if I put my thoughts up, I'll be able to devise a defense based upon the weakness of my argument!:-)