Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Here's a few tidbits

Football Fan Day will be August 20th at the Caperton Indoor Facility. I'm hoping to attend and get to talk to a few of the players. I do wonder if that is a conflict if I show up to report on the event, being that it is a day for fans. Suppose I could just go enjoy myself, or show up in a Inspector Clouseau outfit. But then again, they might think I've gone...

"well, you know, a little crazy in the head."

I don't think you can ever have enough Peter Sellers, or Dr. Strangelove shameless references.

This is probably way over due, but I thought it worth posting.

The following West Virginia television affiliates will carry the telecast through a syndication agreement with ESPN Regional Television:

  • WCHS (ABC) - Charleston-Huntington
  • WOAY (ABC) - Bluefield/Beckley/Oak Hill
  • WTOV (NBC) - Wheeling/Steubenville
  • WVFX (Fox) - Clarksburg/Weston

    This will mark the sixth meeting between these two teams since 1911. West Virginia holds a 5-0 series advantage. The last meeting was played in Morgantown in 1997, with West Virginia taking a 41-32 victory. The 1997 matchup featured NFL quarterbacks Marc Bulger (West Virginia) and Chad Pennington (Marshall).

  • This should be a nice start to the season. Avoiding the normal 12pm kickoff is a blessing. Plenty of time to get your poop in a group. No getting up at 6 am to be there in time to get my attitude adjusted.

    As far as previews go, there are some great previews by position of the Mountaineers over at We Must Ignite This Couch! WMITC should always be followed by a ! End of Story!

    "An interesting tidbit about Slaton that you won‚’t find in other previews- other than fumbling his very first carry last year against Virginia Tech- certainly understandable given the circumstances- Steve didn‚’t fumble all year. Maybe this doesn‚’t seem like such a big deal to most, but if you remember how many fumbles were made between Jason “Butterfingers‚” Colson and Pernell ‚“Holy crap, I got kicked off the team‚” Williams, you‚’d appreciate that statistic more."

    "However, to the surprise of many, the only drop-off in production from the wide receivers last year came from the sudden lack of personal fouls stemming from that position. What? You can have good receivers that aren‚’t petulant whiners only concerned about themselves? Clearly, these guys have no shot in the NFL."

    Sure I'm Cherry Picking, but I bring up what is unique about WMITC. You can get the regular coach said this stuff, just like anywhere else, but the subtle things that make you spray your monitor with the morning coffee is what sets them apart.

    Speaking of morning coffee, I will need some in about 5 hours.

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