Sunday, August 06, 2006

Someone wants to talk to me

And in a big surprise, it's not the police. No, I will be interviewed by Mr. Irrelevant himself, Jamie Mottram. Jamie is the host of Sports Bloggers Live, a live radio show delivered via podcast. We'll be talking Big East preview Monday at around 1245pm. If you do not already subscribe to this podcast, it really is simple, and doesn't involve money. I think I did it by clicking on subscribe to this podcast on the right hand side. I think you need iTunes to subscribe. Or, you can download it.

Jamie has strung together quite a list of guests recently! Friday, he had Johnny Bench on the show. He has also had the following on his show as part of his "Top 11 Big Deal Guests"!

I have to say I am extremely thankful for the opportunity, and hope not to sound too much like the squeaky voiced kid running your local drive thru. We'll see.

Would you like cheese with that, sir?

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