Saturday, September 09, 2006

Basketball Schedule Released and another link

WVU has released their 2006-2007 basketball schedule. OOC highlights include NC State on December 6th, Marshall Jan. 24th, both games in Charleston, and UCLA at Morgantown on February 10th. Outside of the Big East schedule, the remaining games all look winnable. I know nothing about the Old Spice Classic in Orlando, or who is participating. Ok, now I do. I would love to see WV and Va. Tech play!

As noted, Dan Steinberg from the Washington Post has started the DC Sports Blog, located in the "Dairy Goodness" section of the links. To this point, it has been a very enjoyable read. From what I understand he is planning on coming to the WVU-Maryland game. Dan needs to get me a press pass as his photographer or something. Sure, it's a shameless request, but hey, you never know.

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