Sunday, September 10, 2006

Recap news and a look at the Big East

For my recap of the WVU EWU game + position grades, check out the AOL WVU Fanhouse page.

-Pittsburgh had a tough time with Cincinnati in the first half, but cruised in the second half to a 33-15 win. Watching the game, I just couldn't see why the Pitt coaches didn't let Tyler Palko throw more often, and use the pass to set up the run. I would understand if Pitt got up quick and then wanted to work on the running game. But, the game was still in question mid way through the third quarter. The lack of fan support in Cincinnati is a real concern. The facilities are coming around, but at the end of the day you have to put butts in seats. I'm afraid that the Bearcats have missed their opportunity to gain fan support now that the Bengals have come out of their 20 year coma, and are playing competitive football again.

-Louisville had no problem with Temple. What a shocker! Hehe. It might finally be time to end the football experiment at Temple.

-Rutgers jumped all over Illinois and never looked back in a 33-0 laugher. The Scarlet Knight offense is one that people had better wake up to real quick. They are definitely for real.

-Syracuse took #14 Iowa into overtime only to be stone-walled at the two yard line for what seemed like 20 plays in a row. It was closer to eight, but it still boggles the mind how they couldn't punch it in. Not a big surprise that the game was close with Drew Tate out for Iowa.

-South Florida needed a late rally to beat Florida International 21-20. This game should have never been this close, but that's why we play the games.

-UConn had the week off, and is waiting for Wake Forest, who barely slipped by Duke this weekend.

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