Wednesday, September 27, 2006

BlogPoll Week 5 and Roundtable Round-ups are out

These are the things that keep us together functioning as a semi-cohesive unit.

First Brian has the Week 5 BlogPoll up. Well worth your time to see who is right on the money with their rankings. I eeked into the straight Banging category at #3, and Mr. Manic Depressive, for those of you that know me, at #5. Not so sure those are something to be proud of, but hey.

Also, the round up of the latest BlogPoll Roundtable is up at Maze n Brew. They don't like my chasing beer with Wild Turkey idea, but they weren't here for the Pitt game last year. So they don't understand how much the high-test anti-freeze is needed for situations like that! I know it gets cold in Michigan, but that was just crazy!

Head over and enjoy these two fine Michigan blogs.

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