Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ever wonder why WVU's schedule sucks so bad?

One reason could be that we have this thing for scheduling MAC teams that don't know the meaning of a contract. Like Buffalo this past March, Ball State is looking at a way to get out of the home opener for the Mountaineers next year. At least they have the courtesy to give us a reach-around, and give us enough time to schedule a top notch 1-AA team. Unlike Buffalo, who gave us less than six months to replace them on the schedule. And we haven't forgotten you UCF.

The time has come and gone to get some top notch OOC games scheduled. The excuse of losing those three schools to the ACC is a broken crutch that needs to be cast aside! Virginia is just on the other side of the Appalachian mountains. Fresno St. would be fun. I would say a real SEC team, but I don't want to jinx us for next week, and we have a series set up with Auburn to start in 2008. We have a series with Michigan St. coming up, and we can only hope that John L. Smith will stick around long enough to implode against WVU. Speaking of imploding, NC State would be a good OOC for us. And oh yeah, how bout Penn St.?

I've heard some people complaining on message boards about the game with Mississippi St. not being on TV. Well? Who outside of West Virginia and northern Mississippi wants to watch that game? Yup, no one!


knee_bone said...

I whole heartedly agree with you John. I actually wrote a letter to Ed Pastilong last year on this topic. Except I was pleading with him to schedule a tougher out of conference schedule. I suggested Penn State and UVA (I would love to beat those bastards every year....sorry I'm still bitter from them mocking every resident of our state with their halftime show). Maybe we need to start a letter campaign. Unfortunately, I don't donate a ton of money to the school so my opinion would be worthless in the eyes of Ed, but if could get some bigger names with this idea (um, Mylan Puskar). Then maybe someone would listen.

Johnny said...

You know, I would just settle for not scheduling any MAC teams for a while, or ever again. That's probably not a fair thing to say, because I'm sure there are several MAC teams that do honor their contracts. But we do need to start thinking bigger!
I know Paul over at the Georgia Sports Blog has been contacting his AD to get a series set up with Michigan. It's not impossible until we try. Do you have Mylan's phone #? hehehe.

I'm a Realist said...

UCF burned Georgia last year. We had to scramble to pick up another contest, and ended up with Sunbelt patsy UL-Monroe. George O'Leary has done this on several occasions of late.

Johnny said...

Hey IAR, how's come you aren't getting in on the podcasts? They sound great, btw. I've listened to the last two. I guess I need to track back to the first one.
Aside from scheduling greater OOC competition, we also need to up the buyout clause in those contracts.

Anyhow, best of luck this year!