Saturday, September 23, 2006

ESPN2 has the plug pulled

Apparently ESPN2 didn't pay their electric bill, or they finally have given up on the Gary Thorne/Andre Ware experiment. Usually when I lose cable, I lose all the channels. Today I only lost ESPN2 at the end of the third quarter of the WVU-ECU game. I'd rather listen to Toni Caridi anyway. I won't link to it, but earlier this year I was excited to have Gary Thorne calling college football, but I take it back. Maybe it's Adre Ware, but I'm more inclined to think that Gary just needs to stick to Hockey, where he is great. And Andre needs to not get behind the microphone again.

West Virginia has more passing yards than rushing yards today 200-157. With 9:37 left in the game, I would expect to see West Virginia run, run, and then just for fun, run. Well, I would expect to see it, but yeah there's that whole ESPN2.

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