Sunday, September 24, 2006

Teh Sucktastic Saturday

-I'm probably leaning on this crutch too much in trying to explain why West Virginia wasn't able to run the ball against one of the worst run defenses in the country, but everyone looked bad yesterday.

-Really, how else do you explain NC State beating BC? Well, besides hiding Chuck Amato in an equipment locker for the second half. Anyone that taped that game, please tell me what Chuck said in the half time interview. I was laughing so hard when I saw his pec's I couldn't understand a word he said.

-Is there any doubt that John L Smith is a dead man? Speaking of dead men, Alabama is looking for a new kicker. Rumor is that the Bush administration ordered the secret service to get Leigh Tiffin on the first plane out of the country.

-Joe Paterno forgot to wear his "Oops I crapped my pants", and had to excuse himself from the tOSU-Penn State game. Must be the same time he thought about passing late in the game to keep Vegas happy.

Joe honey, don't forget your diapers!

-Actually had to look up where Red Jacket, WV was on the map during the Kentucky-Florida game. It's closest to Williamson, WV. Pretend you are giving someone the finger with your thumb extended. Looks a lot like the state of WV, right? Ok, the very bottom of you palm under your pinky finger is Williamson. Hatfield and McCoy country.

-That Maryland victory isn't looking so good now.
Sam Hollenbach threw a pair of first-half touchdowns passes and Christian Varner intercepted Josh Padrick's pass at the 3-yard line as time expired, preserving Maryland's 14-10 victory over Florida International on Saturday.

-Tuned into the Tennessee-Marshall game just in time to see Marshall fall apart. Moral Victory U just keeps chugging along. Who gives a damn about the season, you shine in the offseason, right?

-Georgia has a quarterback controversy, and Colorado is like the best 0-4 team in the universe.

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