Thursday, September 07, 2006

What you missed while listening to John Madden being John Madden

Ian Johnson is running like a man possessed for Boise St. against Oregon St. It's really quite impressive. One funny thing was when either Herbstreet or Fowler commented that he was doing this against a Pac-10 run defense, and sounding so surprised. I'm not knocking the Pac-10, it's just like someone being shocked that Penn St. came out in black cleats or something.

Also, MJD is doing a live blog for the Pittsburgh-Miami game tonight.

"Interesting call from Santonio Holmes, fielding a punt inside his own five, and then promptly falling down. I think he's in line for a Cowher Shower right about now."

"Roger Goodell's in the booth with Al and John. This is positively worthless. His first priority is "to make sure the game stays strong." I'm pretty pumped for that."

" Hey, Santonio Holmes is wearing #10. I'm really surprised that they didn't retire the #10 for Kordell Stewart."

That is all...

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