Monday, October 02, 2006

At What Point Did I Stop Being a Fan?

The above couldn't be any further from the truth, but I would suspect that if Mountaineer fans knew that I have questions about the teams legitimacy for a National Championship, I would expect that is what I would hear.

I spend as much time reading Burnt Orange Nation, a Texas Blog, as any other, because it is one of the best sports blogs out there, period. The question came up on there though, "who get's in to the NC game, a one loss Florida, or an undefeated WVU?" The important part for me is to be honest, and to only look at what has happened this year. Given that we haven't beaten anyone yet, it's hard for me to say without blinking an eye that we go before UF. We will have our chances real soon, with Louisville, Pitt, and Rutgers on the horizon.

Because of the craptacular schedule to this point, there really isn't a lot that we know about WVU. I know that we have one of the most explosive rushing offenses that I have seen in quite a few years. I know that Patrick White has a rocket arm, and could develop into a very solid passer by the time he is done in Morgantown. Outside of that, we haven't been tested yet, so it's hard to know how this team will perform in a clutch situation. We saw how they responded last year, but I think we need to forget about that and only consider what they do this year.

My dilemma is that we have been screwed in so many different directions when talking about the schedule, I find it hard to hold it against the team. The team didn't kick those teams out to the ACC, they left on their own. They didn't tell any of those scum bags that dropped us from the schedule over the last couple years to go somewhere else and get their butts kicked for more money. Again, the players didn't have any say in that.

I suppose that it's very possible that we could end up like Auburn in '04. I've certainly said it more than a few times. The season is so young, this is all just speculation. It's interesting, but there are now guarantees that anyone will go undefeated this year. Florida could end up with two or three losses before it's all over. Ditto for WVU. Texas could run the table and put themselves in great position for a shot. Oregon could go undefeated and send Oklahoma into a frenzy if they made the NC. Ohio St. has looked great, but I think they could be beat by Michigan and could overlook the wrong team and end up with two losses. This might be a better discussion later in the year, but you are welcome and dare I say encouraged to leave your comments.


knee_bone said...

I wouldn't say that you aren't a fan...I'd say your a realist. Many factors play into who goes to the NC and one happens to be schedule, which by all accounts ours sucks. So I think it is altogether possible that we could go unbeaten and not end up playing Auburn(my pick) in the NC. If we lose, we're out...period. Hell even if we don't lose and there are two other undefeated teams...were still out. Such is life in the Big East. Until our mid-tier teams (UConn, Syracuse, USF)are competitive, meaning they are potential top 25 teams every year, our out of conference schedule is what people are going to look at to determine if we are a quality team. Unfortunately, WVU's out of conference schedule is not great..hell its barely good. So I don't think you "stopped being a fan", I just think you aren't delusional like some fans. You have enough sports knowledge to understand that just because a team is good doesn't mean that it can't get beat any given saturday.

Johnny said...

Thanks KB! Starting Law School, eh? Best of luck! We'll be rooting for you!

We're going to have our chance to show the college world that we belong by the end of the season. I hate to quote Tom Petty, but the waiting is the hardest part.