Tuesday, October 03, 2006

BlogPoll #6

Sorry this is late, my dog ate my homework!

1Ohio State 1
2Florida 3
3Louisiana State 1
4Southern Cal 1
5Auburn 4
6Michigan 1
7Texas 1
9West Virginia 2
10Oregon 1
11Cal 1
12Tennessee 2
13Georgia Tech 9
14Notre Dame 4
15Clemson 6
16Oklahoma 3
18Georgia 6
19Iowa 4
20Boise State--
21Wake Forest 2
22Arkansas 2
23Missouri 2
24Virginia Tech 11
25Wisconsin 1

Dropped Out: TCU (#16).

1. Ohio St.-Very dominating performance on the road in a hostile environment. Nuff said.

2. Florida- I didn't start watching this game until Alabama and their three named quarterback started to fall apart, but anyone that can win with uniforms as ugly as that deserves a bump in the poll. The defense looked very good, and the offense looks to be able to run or pass with equal authority.

3. LSU- Won the way they were supposed to win against a lesser team.

4. USC- PU! But we are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt this time.

5. Auburn- Ditto. They were lucky to get out alive in this game. I suggest the South Carolina receivers and tight ends avoid greasy foods until after the game.

6. Michigan- Teh, a win is a win.

7. Texas- Same as LSU. We find out how good they are this weekend.

8. Louisville- I was at Papa John Stadium on Sunday to meet up with Butch from Before I Get Old, and several Louisville players showed up and gave me some evil looks. Could have something to do with the bumper sticker on my Jeep?

9. WVU- Rested, healthy, and practicing to the sound of cow bells.

10. Oregon- I think WVU could take them.

11-25. Georgia Tech started the Virginia Tech free fall out of the top 25. My prediction is that this will be the last time we hear from the Hokies and their large talons this year. Not a whole lot else to talk about.

Games I watched:
Rutgers-South Florida
Ohio St.-Iowa

Request not involving College Football- Will someone break Joe Theismans jaw the way LT broke his leg so we don't have to listen to him anymore this year?

I probably won't have a chance to change this before 10am tomorrow, but you are welcome to leave your comments.

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