Monday, October 09, 2006

Fear Not Bulldog Fans

I watched a Mississippi high school football game between Philadelphia High and Kemper County High on Friday night. The running back from Kemper High committed to MSU from what I understand. He gained 350 yards and about 20,000 touchdowns while I was there. But Kemper still managed to lose to the Tornados of Philadelphia High.

The PA announcer sounded like Stephen Root's character from O Brother Where Art Thou, as the blind Radio host. If that doesn't ring a bell, think Milton Waddams from Office Space. It really was quite comical to listen to him as he seemed to be doing the PA voice and the radio play-by-play at the same time.
Hats off to the students of Philadelphia High! For a school that only has about 270 students, they had a band that seemed to number near 100, which included members of the football team who removed their football uniforms to perform at half time. Also several members of the cheer
leading squad joined the band for the half time performance.
By contrast the home team, Kemper High, had five guys playing drums and several unattended brass instruments.

If you are in the mood for shiny corporate generated alt-rap, check out the Wylde Bunch. I can't say that I have heard anything that sucks this bad in a long, long time. But, they keep sending me emails asking to pimp this waste of studio tape. So there, maybe we can finally be done with the emails?

If you're into hypnotic repeating sounds, tune in turn on and drop out at the Whitney Music Box.


Mike said...

I said the Wylde Bunch song was the worst thing since "Ashlee Simpson sings Nat King Cole," and the emails keep coming.

I suppose you can't fault that type of perseverance.

24 days my friend.

Johnny said...

I can't wait!! The Card Chronicle looks awsome Mike!