Monday, October 09, 2006

Week 7 BlogPoll-OMG, Week 7?

Are we really up to week seven already? Time flies when you're drunk, I guess! As usual, this is a rough draft of my ballot. I would tell you to leave your comments to change my mind, but you never do.

1 Ohio State --
2 Florida --
3 Michigan 3
4 Texas 3
5 Louisville 3
6 West Virginia 3
7 Southern Cal 3
8 Tennessee 4
9 California 2
10 Arkansas 12
11 Auburn 6
12 LSU 9
13 Notre Dame 1
14 Georgia Tech 1
15 Clemson --
16 Iowa 3
17 Rutgers --
18 Boise State 2
19 Missouri 4
20 Oklahoma 4
21 Georgia 3
22 Wisconsin 3
23 Oregon 13
24 Pittsburgh 2
25 North Carolina State 1

Dropped Out: Wake Forest (#21), Virginia Tech (#24).

Games I watched:

Florida St.-NC state
Louisville-Middle Tenn. St.
WVU-Miss. St.

I didn't get a chance to watch a lot of football this weekend outside of going to Starkville for the Mountaineer game, and the Tennessee game at a bar in Oxford. We like Oxford, MS! Great place to drink and look at women.

-If there was a 1A spot on the ballot, it would go to Florida. Aren't you glad Urban compared notes with Coach Rod now?

-I think after two weeks of poor performances against weaker opponents, it was time to move USC down.

-West Virginia should have won by about 20 more points if not for the ref's and those damn yellow hankies.

-That victory over Cal is looking better all the time for Tennessee.

-Arkansas might not be there for long, but they deserve a little respect for removing Auburn from our sight.

-At 5-1 Pitt deserves some recognition.

-Love the man boobs! NC State does it again.

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