Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Final BlogPoll Ballot

Thanks to Butch from Before I Get Old for the suggestion. You're right, Florida is probably better than Clemson. I still don't think anyone in their right mind wants to play Clemson right now, though. Like I said, I'm working the Straight Bangin' karma, so I can't put WVU ahead of Louisville. Plus, home team gets the advantage. And with that, here is my final ballot for the BlogPoll this week. Stop by MGoBlog for the results after 10am.

1Ohio State--
5Louisville 2
6West Virginia 1
7Florida 1
8Clemson 4
9Tennessee 3
10California 1
11Southern Cal--
12LSU 2
13Arkansas 2
14Rutgers 2
15Wisconsin 2
16Boston College 6
17Notre Dame 3
18Georgia Tech 5
19Boise State 4
20Texas A&M 6
21Missouri 3
22Oklahoma 3
23Wake Forest 2
24Nebraska 4
25Oregon 7

Dropped Out: Pittsburgh (#21).


Anonymous said...

Hey John,

I'm nearly finished with the questions...

Johnny said...

Hit me! I'm ready! I am going to put mine together over the weekend.