Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Five Players Dismissed From UConn Team

So, what was getting dismissed from the team worth? About 2.33 bears per player apparently. (ht. Mike) Are you kidding me? Over two six packs?

A case of beer costs this much at UConn!

Too bad Jim Calhoun wasn't in charge of the football program, they could have had a laptop and a lapdance each and still kept their scholarships.

I'm all for running a clean program, but give me a break. This is a little overboard. The UConn program just seems to be in a constant state of flux between this and all the injuries they had last year. Something needs to change.

And where do we start when we change a program?
That's right Randy!...THSSSSSSSSSS!

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Brian Harrison said...

I love how UConn lets good basketball players get off with a small suspension when they steal laptops, but outright dismiss them if they are football players and have a couple of beers.