Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Meeting of the Blogs

I had the pleasure of meeting Butch from Before I Get Old a week ago in Louisville. I had a chance to tour around the campus before we met up and got to see how the city is rallying behind the success of the Louisville program. There are quite a few underpasses in and around campus, and they all seemed to be painted like this...

which I thought was pretty cool. Gotta love the action shot from the driver's seat. I also made it over to Papa John's Stadium where we met.

Overall, I thought Louisville has a very beautiful campus. I'm kind of biased toward campuses that don't have a ton of hills if you can imagine that.

So Buctch pulls up, just as friendly as a person can be, and we head off to find some lunch. We ended up going to the Cardinal Hall of Fame Cafe. All I can say about that place is that I wish we had something like it in Morgantown. The tile floors have a block for all the hall of fame inductees, I believe. There were literally tons on trophy cases with all kinds of Louisville goodies inside. It was enough to make a Mountaineer fan jealous.

Lunch was great, and paid for by Butch, making it even more great. We had about a half hour just to talk about where each of our programs were, and how much we hated our rivals.

This was my first meeting with a blogger from another school, and I have to say that it couldn't have gone much better outside of maybe seeing some strippers and having a fine cigar along the way. Butch is a cool guy, and hopefully we can meet up before the game on the 2nd of November. I don't have a ticket, but I might just drive over and tailgate for a while. We'll see.

Thanks Butch!


Anonymous said...


I had a great time! If you're ever again in Louisville give me a call.

knee_bone said...


The Hall of Fame Cafe sounds great. Myself and a friend have been toying with the idea of a restaurant such as that one (but a WVU version) for several years now. It sounds like someone stole our idea and plopped it down in Louisville. I might have to make a trip and take some pointers. We have been held back by the small fact that we know nothing of the restaurant business, oh well maybe someday. I'm still convinced that a WVU themed restaurant such as the one describe would thrive in Morgantown or Charleston. I not familiar with P'burg so I really can't speak for that area.

Johnny said...

I would go with Motown first. I would love one in Pburg, and it would go over very well. I know one thing about restaurants, I don't want to work in one. Hehehe.

andrew said...

just had to throw this out there... apparently College Football News has taken to telling the future in fine detail...


"Best Game of the First Half
West Virginia 46 ... Louisville 44 3OT … Oct. 15
Steve Slaton scored six touchdowns, all coming in second half and overtime, with his final run putting West Virginia ahead, and then Pat White added the two-point conversion on two-point conversion throw to Dorrell Jalloh. Louisville answered with Michael Bush's fourth touchdown of the day, but the two point conversion attempt came up shot as QB Brian Brohm was stopped by Eric Weeks on the one. The Cardinals had a 24-7 lead late in the third quarter, but West Virginia got a field goal and two Slaton touchdowns runs, including a one-yard score with one minute to play, in the final 8:16 to force overtime.
Second Best Game – Rutgers 37 … Pitt 29, Oct. 1
Third Best Game – Illinois 33 … Rutgers 30 OT "