Friday, October 06, 2006

He Hate Us

Well, we're number one in someone's eyes, but for all the wrong reasons. I'll admit that we are mean spirited as a group, and find some of the oddest ways to celebrate. But that's also what I like about being a Mountaineer fan. At least there is some passion. Being in the heart of SEC country this week has shown me what it means to be a fan. It doesn't matter if your team has a shot at the title, or a shot at the toilet. The fans in the south know how to support their team.

That is something that is sadly lacking in the north east part of the country. If you say the word sellout in the north east, it is more likely to generate thoughts of Metallica's Black Album than (insert your favorite team's) last home game.

While the Big East is enjoying some unexpected success this year on the field, we still have a long way to go before we can say we truly support our teams. This isn't so much a crack at anyone particular, but more of a call make a change. I would love to keep the passion of Mountaineer fans and lose some of the childish things we do. At the same time, I would like to see the rest of the conference start following their team a little better. That way we could get some better bowls interested in us. Despite our crazy ways, bowls know that if they get WV, they get a large following that spends money in their town. The same can't be said for the rest of the conference, outside of Louisville, maybe.


Brian Harrison said...

I have great respect for the West Virginia football team this year. They certainly are representing the new Big East very well. I agree with you about people following their teams. I hate when Notre Dame has gotten a Big East bowl spot just because Syracuse or Pittsburgh doesn't travel fans well. Hopefully with this new found credibility and success of Big East football we can turn things around, especially in a year where we could possibly get 2 BCS bids.

WVU is definitely a Syracuse rivalry game. Hopefully our program will rebound and can have a competitive game of football for the bragging rights and the Schwartzwalder trophy. Keep up the good work.

Johnny said...

Thanks Brian. It's always been a great rivalry. I'm of the opinion that Notre Dame needs to either join up as a full memeber, or get out. Since they made it this far with only one loss, they should get another BCS game handed to them this year.

Orange 44 represents Syracuse and the Big East very well!

Brian Harrison said...

Thanks a lot. Couldn't agree more about ND.