Thursday, October 05, 2006

You're Technology Scares Me, Again

I don't pretend to know of what she speaks, but my good friend Cathy tells me that there could be some trouble with the satellite transmission of the game on Saturday for those of you that are planning on ordering it on Pay Per View.

Just thought you might want to note on your blog that the wvu ppv game
could be interrupted by sun outages on the satellite. At certain times the
sun interferes with the satellite signals causing interruptions of svc. It
could be down from 2:43 to 2:59 and could lose the picture altogether between
2:47 and 2:55. Then again there might be no interruption at all but i
think people would want to know this is a possibility b4 they pay $30 for

My view of the game might only be interrupted by blackouts due to whiskey consumption, but I will make sure to question the clerk at the store about possible rebates if errors occur!

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Anonymous said...

Psychedelic sun spots syndrome...