Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mozes is a Tackle?

The list for the final 12 eligible for the Lombardi Trophy is out from the college football news wire. The Lombardi Trophy is for the nations top lineman or linebacker. And they list Dan Mozes as "West Virginia offensive tackle Dan Mozes?" The picture of Mozes at left (from MSN) looks a little more like a center to me. But does it really matter? He started out his WV career as a guard, and switched to center against Maryland last year. He's been all world since. Congrats Dan!

In other news, we now know why all the Huskies were dismissed last week.
.......... Dorcelus was arrested by UConn police on a charge of possession of marijuana with intent to sell in December on the Storrs campus. The redshirt freshman from Irvington, N.J., forgot to say anything about the weed when he e-mailed The Courant to try to make himself smell fresh as a daisy. In subsequent attempts to proclaim his innocence, it continued to slip his mind.

It doesn't make sense that they couldn't just come out and say why the players were dismissed. Instead, they have become the butt of several jokes revolving around five Huskies and 12 beers. I guess when Edsall said that this was not a zero tolerance policy, the Husky beat writers smelled blood and started digging in the dirt.

It didn't seem to effect UConn last week in a 21-7 win over Army. But it's still fun to point and laugh at our opponents.

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