Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New T-Shirts

The Mountainlair Blog design team has been hard at work for like the last fifteen minutes or something, and has produced what we think will be a winner of a product line. We call it the "Long Snapper" series. In much the same vein as the "Possession Receiver" line by EDSBS, we searched long and hard and found the perfect slogan for those of us that would not have received two letters for football in high school if not for our unique ability to pass a football between our legs at long distances.

We've also created a little something for Mrs. Long Snapper we like to call the "Long Snapper Receiver." Ladies, if you can fit into these, you can be Mrs. Long Snapper as long as you want!

So stop by the Mountainlair t-shirt shop and get something for that special long snapper in your life.

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