Monday, November 13, 2006

BlogPoll Week 12 (draft)

Just from what I watched this weekend, I can say that I have changed my mind on a few things. It should play out in this weeks ballot. Add your comments below to change my mind on my ballot or what ever. We're flexible.

1 Michigan 1
2 Ohio State 1
3 Arkansas 8
4 Florida 4
5 Rutgers 8
6 Southern Cal 3
7 Notre Dame 7
8 Louisville 5
9 LSU 2
10 West Virginia --
11 Wisconsin 1
12 Wake Forest 5
13 Texas 9
14 Auburn 8
15 Oklahoma 3
16 California 11
17 Boise State 3
18 Virginia Tech 1
19 Maryland 2
20 Georgia Tech 4
21 Tennessee 6
22 Boston College 1
23 Brigham Young 3
24 Nebraska 2
25 Georgia 1

Dropped Out: Clemson (#22), Oregon (#24), Hawaii (#25).

-I think Michigan is going to win this game. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong and OSU moves back up. I think Michigan's defense is going to be too much for OSU. Plus, I think they're due for a bad game.

-Outside of the top two, I don't think there is anyone playing better football than Arkansas. I thought the win at Auburn was a fluke, but they have proven differently.

-Texas, Auburn, and Cali get moved way down for loosing games they should have won easily. Shame on you all. No wait, thanks!

-Louisville dropping a close game on the road to an undefeated team shouldn't and didn't drop them too far. But Rutgers deserves to be where they are. Nice job Jersey.

-Why did I drop LSU after a decent victory? Everyone else just looks better at this point. And that Tennessee victory doesn't look so good now, thanks to Arkansas.

-Notre Dame moves up, because the more I look at it, the more I think they could beat everyone below them.

-I thought the victory over Cincinnati was a good one, but I was hoping for a more convincing victory. It seemed like we didn't start playing until the second quarter, and that can't happen against a good team.

-Wake gets a big boost for just being solid. Getting over the hump against a team that has had your number in like forever, and doing it 30-0 is worth the jump.

-That was not a good victory for Georgia Tech. PU comes to mind.

-I give up after that, but welcome back Georgia. Not dead yet, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Hey John,

Looks good... I'm still not 'sold' on the Razorbacks...