Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Injuries and Other Stuff

Going into the Pitt game West Virginia should be relatively healthy. Only John Holmes (no don't worry ladies, the package is just fine) and Owen Schmitt are questionable with ankle sprains. For this time of the season, that really is remarkable. So yes, we should thank what ever God of the football injuries that has been watching over us this year.

For anyone thinking that this is going to be an easy game for the Mountaineers, they need to check Tyler Palko's statistics for this year. 22 touchdowns to only six interceptions, and a quarterback rating of 173.75. In his last game against UConn, he went 20-25 for 234 yards with three td's no interceptions. I'm not saying it to put the fear of God in anyone, but he's a really good quarterback. And considering that the offensive line has been pretty offensive for most of the year, that just makes his numbers look that much more impressive.

It'll be important for West Virginia to come out of the gates quickly to quiet the half of the crowd from Pitt. The last time these two teams met in Pittsburgh, West Virginia let Pitt hang around too long, and ended up loosing the game 16-13. If West Virginia wants to be respected nationally, they need to win this game convincingly. It would be nice for the defense to put something close to a goose egg up. They looked much improved against Cincinnati in their tackling and just overall big hits. Let's hope the trend continues.

Lastly, this picture sent in to me by Penn St. fan, Brian. Thanks pal.

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