Saturday, November 18, 2006

Contests and Clearing Out My Mailbox

As most bloggers will tell you, there is hardly a day that goes by that I don't get some sort of pitch for this or that in my inbox. Thankfully, I haven't gotten anything for the infamous Wylde Bunch lately, or was it unfamous? At any rate, here are a couple that you all might be interested in.

First is a contest sponsored by AOL called America Loves Football. If you follow the link, there is a video explaining everything, for those of you that just want to get on with it. For those of you that think you are witty and interesting, here's your chance to prove it. It's run through AOL Uncut. Uncut is like YouTube, but it's just a different site. I use it for my WVU Fanhouse stuff, so I can tell you that it is super easy to use. Here's the pitch,

Each week, for the next seven weeks, a new video challenge will be issued to our users, such as "Show us your best end zone dance," "Share your creative game day tailgate setup," or "Show us your family's football rituals and rivalries" -- to name a few of the challenges. Contestants will then submit and upload their best football fanatic video using UnCut Video.

At the conclusion of the seven weeks, a team of judges will select the best videos from each of the seven categories. Our users will vote on the seven finalists to pick a grand-prize winner who will receive the "Ultimate Game Day Party," which includes a complete home theater system with a 46" Sony LCD TV, Bose speakers, and Sony Blu-ray DVD player. Plus, they'll receive a Dell XPS 400 Intel Viiv Media Center PC that will enable them to enjoy the full AOL Video "living room" viewing experience. We'll also provide expert installation, as well as fully cater the big game-day party for 50 of their friends.
So that sounds pretty good, right? I'll give you an idea to get you started. Remember that dance OJ did in the Naked Gun 33 1/3? Yeah, make sure that's not a real baby before you get started, nkay?

The second is from ESPN's fans to win a free trip to ESPN College Game Day. All you have to do is visit and enter. If you win, you and 10 of your friends win a trip to ESPN College GameDay Built By The Home Depot, get to go behind the scenes at the show, and get a chance to meet hosts Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, and Chris Fowler.
Ever want to tell Corso to shut the hell up? Wanna hang out with Kirk and witness the poontang he surely attracts? Wanna get drunk and start a fight with Fowler? It's all possible.

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