Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Has Anyone Read Anything About Rodriguez Lately?

All the talk lately is that Rich Rodriguez is going to Alabama after this year. Me personally, I have to wonder why he would go with Pat White and Steve Slaton coming back for another year at least. And that would be if I thought he would leave at all, which I don't. He deserves to be paid much more than what he is making right now. But I think he would settle if the Admin. would make some serious commitments to paying the assistants more, and commit to better facilities. I really believe he wants to make WVU into a national power.

And still the rumors linger. Some of the comments have gotten down right nasty for me over at the fanhouse, and I haven't even tried to start anything. Well, maybe a little.

At any rate, here's some other blog takes on Rodriguez going to Alabama. But before I do that, I can't help but put in a little youtube goodness.

Orson has his take over at EDSBS. It's all rumors and old men smoking Marlboro cigarettes.

Doug over at Hey Jenny Slater says Patrino is your man, not Rodriguez.

"stop chasing after Rich Rodriguez, who's coaching at his alma mater for Christ's sake"
And we should probably get it from the Elephants mouth as well while we are looking around.

From Roll Bama Roll diaries:

Let's assume "The Todd" is correct (which I believe he is) in thinking that a coach has already been chosen. Who is a logical choice considering our context clues (crazy what you remember from 2nd grade, huh?)

  1. They're not saying who it is now because he has a game coming up.
  2. Kines may be staying on considering he's going to be out recruiting.
  3. Ideally, you want someone who isn't going to bolt for the NFL or retire anytime soon.
  4. If this person is currently employed, and knows he's going to be moving on soon, he may have lacked a certain amount of concentration recently and lost a game he shouldn't have.

All of which could, I repeat, could, point to Rich Rodriguez.

  1. Plays Rutgers this week
  2. Rodriguez isn't overly familiar with the recruiting area. Kines is. Not a bad guy to keep around especially considering that he's an older man and R-Rod knows he won't have to be hitched to him long term.
  3. He's a young coach whose offense isn't exactly what the NFL is looking for.
  4. WV looked woefully unprepared against USF this past week.

Can you take it to the bank? Nope. Could I just be letting my imagination get the best of me due to the exhaustion caused by the persistent Spurrier,Saban rumors? Yup. Is it as plausible as anything else I've heard or read? Seems like. Will I claim omnipotent knowledge should Rodriguez be hired? Of course. Will I hope everyone forgets this post if he isn't? Oh yes.

And Journalism is for Rockstars has his own takes on the search which doesn't involve much about Rodriguez.

That should pretty well cover it for now. No news, just rumors.

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