Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's an awards show! What do you mean there aren't any naked dancing girls? UPDATED (*)

No boys, I said I wanted some naked dancing girls, not naked dancing girly boys. At any rate, this year will be capped off by the first annual BlogPoll College Football Bloggers Awards. All the details are being worked out as we speak. And, you can have a little say in what awards are voted on, and stuff like that. You need not be a BlogPoll voter to make nominations and submit ideas.The basic premise of the awards are over at Rocky Top Talk.

As far as the naming of the awards I can't help but think that it should be something like "Teh BlogPoll Meatnormous Mehtastic Awards." That might be a little too much, so how bout if someone could work in the word superfantasmigorical. The only thing you need to remember is to include BlogPoll in there somewhere.

As far as awards go, one of my favorite things is the week of some of the traditional rivals. The exchanges between rival blogs is just great! And that should be called the "He Hate Me" award, and should be given to the two blogs that best disrespected each other. It can't just be one great blog and one ho hum one. The two must be dependent on each other.

I wish there was more to choose from, but I would like to see an award for the best podcast. But so few of us BlogPollers do podcasts that it might have to wait until more chime in.

And the "Isn't He Pretty" award should go to the best blog layout and design.

The "I'll Never Get Laid" award should be given to the blogger that overloads you with facts and analysis.

The "I didn't know what I was getting myself into" award for the best new blog on the BlogPoll.

The "Fiber" award could go to the blogger that has the best regular weekly post.

* Funniest Blog- Let's just all do ourselves a favor and name it the MZone/EDSBS Award and get it over with, as these guys will surely win it several times in a row before we retire what ever name we come up with now. For now, let's just call it the dirty monitor award.

* Homer Simpson award goes to the biggest homer blog. Sure we all root for our team, but some take it a little too seriously.

* Michael Richards Award! This needs to happen somehow, someway. Then again, maybe not. I don't condone racism, rather it would be good for a hey stupid award, or a just shut up type thing.

These are just a few ideas. Don't work inside the box. There are plenty of catigories and names to come up with. I'll update this post as I come up with more. I think we have until 12/5 to submit, so get started!

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