Monday, November 06, 2006

Mountainlair to play at the Mountainlair?

It's true! I along with Todd Burge and several of my songwriting friends will be playing at the West Virginia University Mountainlair Student Union this Friday night at 9pm.

It'll be nice to get out and play. This football season has taken a toll on my music, with keeping this blog up to date as well as the WVU Fanhouse. Not to mention the house I will be spending the rest of my life restoring. While I have been able to keep writing, my recordings have been non-existent due to the above mentioned blogging, and the dirty motherfuckers that should burn in hell only after I have ripped their arms off and wiped their faces with the bloody stumps for stealing my recording equipment. If you are interested to hear any of my music, go here and here. I caution you that the songs are mostly demo's and might not make the cd. But, that's where I stand at the moment.


Butch said...

"Come On In" sounds like a hit to me!

We're you using a Yamaha acoustic on that?

Johnny said...

Thanks for the kind words Butch!

That's a good question Butch, about the guitar. It just hit me, I bought this old Washburn electric/acoustic for $100 bucks, and that was what I was using. I recently got a Martin DCx-1E electric/acoustic that I am going to go back and re-record everything with. We like Martin!!!

Amy T. said...

All of your songs are great. Good luck on Friday and with the house!

Johnny said...

Thanks Amy! I finally fixed the transom above the front door. No more wistling sound when the wind blows!