Monday, November 06, 2006


Tomorrow you have the chance to vote for the people that represent you. And I use the word represent in the loosest of terms. I am planning on voting against every incumbent on the docket just in the hopes that someone that was expecting to win will lose.

I passed along some figures a while back documenting that 98% of incumbents that ran in the last election kept their job in the US congress. What that equals to me is two months of promises and 3 years and 10 months of doing what ever the hell suits their needs. Only when the politicians of this country start to fear the people will they serve our needs.

I'm neither a democrat nor a republican, so I won't side with either. But I just have to ask, if we can go $320 Billion in debt for a war that was not necessary, why can't we do the same for education? Education would seem like a much more pressing issue, since nearly one third of our high school kids are dropping out. At least there is some ROI on investing in education.

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Anonymous said...

Don't vote. Voting is evil. You shouldn't command anyone to forcibly rule over others. It's unnecessary and counter-productive.