Monday, December 04, 2006

Big East Blog Awards

Chas over at Pitt Blather is organizing a blogger awards for the Big East. We'll all post our ballots individually and he will recap. I'll make sure to add another link when the awards are posted. I wish I had more time to do this. If I can, I will come back and explain in more depth.

Coaching performance (best to worst)

  1. 1. Greg Schiano-Rutgers No explanation needed, right?
  2. Mark Dantonio-Cincinnati I thought this team was at least another year away from being bowl eligible. They probably played the toughest schedule in the country and paid a small price for it. By Mark, thanks for playing.
  3. Jim Leavitt-South Florida For beating West Virginia in Morgantown and exceeding my expectations beyond winning against WV, you get the bronze.
  4. Tie Bobby Petrino and Rich Rodriguez-UL WVU Probably for loosing games that would have made a huge difference in their bowl destinations.
  5. Greg Robinson-Syracuse I thought Syracuse was much improved over 2005. They were close to winning a few more games, but the offense and defense just couldn't get on the same page.
  6. Dave Wannstedt-Pitt I was expecting much more out of Pitt this year. I was proved correct in the first half of the season, but the second half brought him down.
  7. Randy Edsell-UConn Someone had to go down here

Offensive Player of the Year
  1. Steve Slaton-I'm biased, but he was the most consistent player all year. New West Virginia season rushing record. Despite nagging injuries he was great if not brilliant almost all year long.
  2. Brian Brohm- Might be a different story if he was healthy all year, as well as Bush. However, you have to go on what was in front of you.
  3. Pat White-Rushed and passed for over 1,000 yards.
  4. Ray Rice- Bad year to be you. Next year won't be any better.
  5. Tyler Palko- Great touchdown to interception ratio, and not much help in the rushing or offensive line department. Might end up being the most successful in the pro's on this list.

Defensive Player of the Year

  1. HB Blades- On a bad defense, he was outstanding leading the known universe in tackles.
  2. Trae Smith-USF
  3. William Gay-Louisville
  4. Courtney Green-Rutgers
  5. Kelvin Smith-Syracuse

Special Teams Player of the Year

  1. Art Carmody-Louisville
  2. Joe Radigan-Rutgers
  3. Pat McAfee-WVU

Rookie of the Year

  1. Matt Grothe-USF
  2. Anthony Allen-UL
  3. Donald Brown-UConn
  4. Chris Robinson-USF
  5. Oderick Turner-Pitt

Most Overrated/Disapointing Player of the Year

  1. Brendan Carney-Syracuse
  2. Michael Bush-Louisville
  3. Amp Hill-USF
Most Surprising Team: Cincinnati played the hardest schedule in the country, beat Rutgers, and made a bowl.

Most Disappointing Team: Pitt but West Virginia wasn't far behind. And that is based on expectations.

Prediction for 2007
  1. Louisville
  2. WVU
  3. Rutgers
  4. South Florida
  5. Pitt
  6. Syracuse
  7. Cincinnati
  8. UConn


Mike said...

Art Carmody fans around the world rejoice.

Johnny said...

Hehehehe. He's got the numbers to back it up.

Brian Harrison said...

Ouch! The Carney bashing hurts a lot John.

Johnny said...

I didn't think any of those players were overrated, just disapointing for one reason or another. We certainly could have used him this year (Louisville game).

Chris said...

How can Bush be the on the list for most disappointing? He was injured half way through the first game of the year.