Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mountaineers vs. Bulldogs Open Thead

Ya know, this game doesn't exactly inspire excitement. I would have liked to see West Virginia play a couple games that will gear them up for the Dec. 30th meeting with UConn. However, it is what it is. For me, I'm just glad the Citadel mascot name is Bulldog and not some person with a gun. It's the one true advantage West Virginia has over almost everyone else, a sure win in the battle of the mascots. Given that, a Bulldog should not be any problem. No television for this game, but here's a nice pdf with a lot of info about the game tonight, the season, and the players from I'll try to make these open threads a little more frequent.

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Johnny said...

WooHoo! I want to thank everyone for stopping by and feeling my joy of the 63-36 win over The Citadel. WooHoo!