Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Final Submissions for the Blogpoll Awards Nominations

I need to finish this up tonight so I can move on to other things. So forgive me if it seems a little long winded.

The You Talkin' To Me Award

FOR: The best back and forth between rival blogs the week before a rivalry game.

CRITERIA: Must be bi-directional, and both blogs must score points against each other. A unilateral beat-down will not suffice. Should be more in the spirit of fun than wildly abusive.

Orson and Warren's back and fourth before the Florida-Alabama game was pretty well done.

There was a lot of back and fourth between Bruins Nation and the Southern Cal Collective.

The back and fourth on Auburn and Alabama never really seems to stop, does it?

The I'm Just Like You But I Have a Podcast Award

FOR: The best podcast or podcaster of the year.

CRITERIA: Uh, must be audio. And about college football, you know. Note that this is "podcast" in a really broad sense. Parody songs, incoherent ravings about Tyrone Willingham, and whatever else you've got are nominate-able. One restriction: it has to be self-generated.

I choose to go with the best podcaster part of this.

In the Bleachers-And not just because they have me on there from time to time. The set up of the big stories in college football every week, plus a look at all the biggest games is a good formula to have. And they make it fun to listen to.

House Rock Built- For his Friday Night Lites. Though it did seem to tail off toward the end of the year, it was very enjoyable.

EDSBS- Orson mixed it up quite a bit, talking to MSM types and my favorite was the Dirty South episodes. I think I feel Subcommandante Wayne making a podcast sometime soon. Yes?

Blogger Championship Series

...it's just like that other BCS except completely different. We'll be handing out Best Blog awards for each of the BCS conferences, plus one for mid-major coverage (including all independents other than Notre Dame), and one for more general, national coverage blogs. After long debate we decided to put Notre Dame blogs in with the Big East, as the "non-BCS" category is supposed to be an award for mid-majors, which Notre Dame is certainly not. Since ND shares bowl affiliations with the Big East and plays the rest of their sports there, it seemed the logical choice.

Big East- I'm a big fan of Orange 44 and Card Chronicle. They both are well written and aren't afraid of the humor. I also enjoy House That Rock Built and Blue-Gray Sky. But Chas never seems to take a day off over at the Pitt Blather, and gets my nod for the Big East. Doing what he does on the Fanhouse plus this is really impressive. He must not have a job. Well, besides this.

ACC- I give this one to Eagle in Atlanta. Even though we don't like BC for leaving, we probably wouldn't mind if they came back either. Also of note, Section Six, State Fans Nation, and Ramblin' Racket.

Big Ten- Since this is about football. I give the nod to MGOBlog. But MZone shouldn't feel bad, either.

Big Twelve- Burnt Orange Nation is your winner. We also like Corn Nation, but sadly don't have a link up at the moment. We'll get that fixed directly.

*I'm sorry if it seems like I've started to tail off with the reasons why. But if you look back you will see that I have already given several answers as to why I do. So yeah. I thought I would just throw that out there.

Independant/Mid-Major- We go with the Navy Fanhouse. Maybe it's because I'm checking the Fanhouse stuff more than others, but we like this one the best.

Pac-10- We give the slight edge to Bruins Nation because UCLA won this year and USC refuses to acknowledge it. But we do enjoy all the USC blogs. And yes, I owe the rest of the Pac-10 blogs an apology for not reading them enough. My bad guys.

SEC- Jesus! Most of my favorites reside in the SEC. So I will only mention one because of time, and that is EDSBS. For shear Yeahness. Top to bottom, though. This is my favorite conference of bloggers.

The I Wanna Talk About Me Free for All

The I Wanna Talk About Me Free for All is designed primarily to spread the love in case it doesn't naturally happen some other way and to serve as the season's Round Up of Round Ups. Each blogger, no matter who they are, must identify their three best posts of the year. I'll round `em up, and compile the entire thing. If it kills me. And it might.

Well, this won't take long since I only have three. Hehe.

Number one- "It's Starting Already" The strange story of the spy incident at Marshall's spring practice. The notes the WVU student took should clear up any question of why we would need to spy on Marshall.

2- "Fear and Loathing and the Gold-Blue Game" My Hunter Thompson take on the WVU spring game.

I awoke to find myself stashed conspicuously between two rows of Port-a-Johns, some 20 feet from my tailgating spot. I arrived back at my spot to find that the gypsy's had packed up shop and split, leaving behind only my kit bag. I looked around to make sure no one was watching me, and opened my bag to find 3 small squares of perforated paper with miniature images of Yosemite Sam
3- "Disturbing News Out of Huntington" Football players stripping for the female fans.

Yeah, that's the nominations! woop woop!

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