Tuesday, January 02, 2007

And Not One Couch Was Burned

The time might be coming when West Virginia is no longer known as the couch burning capital of the world. All respect to Jonathan Tu. But West Virginia put couch burning on the map. And the administration and Morgantown's police department might have taken it off the map. I'd show you pictures of how anal the whole thing has become, but some fucker stole my camera before I could download the pictures.

The Gator Bowl isn't the Sugar Bowl, but I would have expected at least one couch to be burned after the amazing comeback win by the Mountaineers. But I can find no news of anything being burned in Morgantown after the win. Mind you I was talking about couches. You can go back to worshiping Trey Anastasio now, and what ever you burn to get you there.

It's like international basketball now. Much as the Mountaineers invented couch burning to celebrate, now everyone is doing it but the people that started it. And the US basketball team is lucky to win the bronze medal.

We'll just have to remember you for the way you were.


jonathantu said...

I feel your pain. I'm pretty sure Isla Vista's been burning couches since the seventies, when we were also into burning down Bank of Americas; still, the sentiment does ring true. Congrats on the win, though. Pat White > Mecha-Godzilla.

Johnny said...

You're awesome Jonathan!