Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mountaineers Hold on to Beat Villanova

After jumping out to a 46-24 halftime lead, the Mountaineers had to hold on for dear life as the Wildcats of Villanova screamed back to get within six points with four minutes left. Then the Mountaineers were able to pull away with some key three pointers.

Can we finally call him Frank "Fucking" Young? Young lead all scorers with a career high 25 points. His second career high in as many games. He was 8-13 from three, and 0-0 from two. Which is about the same ratio of three's to two's the rest of the Mountaineers shot. The Mountaineers were 15-36 from three, and 20-44 overall.

I didn't get to watch the first half, so I really only saw the bad part of the game for WVU. Villanova is a very good team, and Curtis Sumpter is an absolute demon. I would think that a guy that has missed the last year and a half due to two knee injuries would be a little, oh I don't know, slow. But Sumpter did anything he wanted to in the second half. He was only 2-7 in the first half, but ended the game 9-20 with 21 points. Those numbers might not look all that impressive. You just had to be watching, I guess. Mike Nardi was in foul trouble all of the second half, and wasn't much of a factor. Thank God!

Villanova is a tough team, and they will break a lot of hearts this year with their full-court pressure and Sumpter's inside game. So this was a huge win for the Mountaineers.

If you haven't watched a game on ESPN plus this year, it's kind of like watching a movie in Technocolor. You're not really sure what you are watching most of the game, but just enough to know who is winning, and Curtis Sumpter beating the triple team for a layup. Damn that guy is good!

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