Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mountaineer Fantasy Camp

Onion fans know this face. It's the face of Jim Anchower. And I think it's the face I made when I noticed this piece of information about the Mountaineer Fantasy Camp.

The camp will be held at Milan Puskar Stadium and the Puskar Building with meeting room chalk-talks and controlled competitions. On "game-day," campers will be able to experience running out of the inflated helmet in the South corner end zone. In addition, a tape of the three-day event will be made and sent to campers. They will have their own photo made with the WVU head football coach and also have a shot of the camper holding Sugar and Gator Bowl trophies.
Is it just me, or does this scream of people that may or may not have graduated from high school, but really never left? I'm all for the university finding new ways to generate money, but I just have to laugh at anyone that would be involved in this! There's a fine line between fan and freak, and that line seems to have just been crossed!

Each day, campers will meet with Coach Rod and members of the staff, who will discuss how they handle their specific positions in meeting rooms. They will X and O with coaches, watch position tape, and then attempt to authenticate tape on the field in jerseys, shorts, socks and T-shirts. A game jersey, and two of the shorts, socks and T-shirts will be provided to keep. Rutledge encourages camper to bring their own tennis shoes and jocks.

"Jocks will not be distributed. For one thing, no one wears jocks anymore. But if you want one. We'll find you one--autographed," Rutledge said with a laugh.
Oh boy Rutledge! Don't you know the kind of people you are dealing with? Don't say something in jest you will later regret!!!!

On top of finding out that WVU is going to take a stab at this, several other big schools also do it. What ever happened to just going to the game and cheering?


MountainLaurel said...

You're right...this is terrifying. But then again, maybe it's good to have all those folks together at one place at the same time. That way the rest of us can be elsewhere. ;-)

I'm not into fantasy football; I'm into reliving past gridiron glories. Like watching bowl victories again and again till I can recite along with the announcers. It's a pathetic little life, but I like it.

Johnny said...

I was thinking about Uncle Rico from Napolian Dynamite as the types that would want to do this type of thing! Hehehehe!