Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bad News For Maryland Quarterbacks

Great news for Mountaineer fans hoping to see the defense get a sack before October this year.
Once-promising Maryland offensive tackle Jared Gaither has been declared
academically ineligible for the 2007 season, sources close to the situation said
Gaither, a rising junior from White Plains, Md., was held out of
spring drills to concentrate on academics, but didn't meet requirements to play
this coming season. He met with Terrapins coach Ralph Friedgen on Tuesday to
decide his future and is scheduled to meet with him again later this week.

Well, shucks! I mean I really hate to see a star on one of our biggest rivals have to sit out for any reason. Yeah, it's just breaking my heart. I don't know how I will be able to go on with this knowledge.....
Ok, I'm better. Woop! Woop! And yes Ralph Friedgen, I fart in your general direction!!!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Gaither's lack of playing time this season is good for him and the school. It's obvious that he needs to take care of his academic and personal responsibilities before being allowed the priviledge of playing D I Football with the Maryland Terrapins. Integrity and responsibility are important factors at the University of Maryland. Had Mr. Gaither enrolled at WVU his poor grades would have not been a factor since poor personal conduct and responsibilities are the 'norm' at the "U". How many of WVU football players have been arrested? How many suspended from the NFL? Nary a word of condemnation from Morgantown.

Johnny said...

Search Chris Henry on this blog, or check out my stuff on him and Pacman over at the fanhouse and get back to me.