Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Third Annual New Song Academy

Sorry for the double post to the one or two of you that peruse both my blogs, but I though this might interest some of you that live in and around the DC/eastern panhandle area.

From August 9th-11th, the third annual Mountain Stage New Song Academy will be held at Shepherdstown, WV. And it’s sure to be one of the best songwriter instructional events anywhere in the country. Click the link above for registration and general info.

The impressive list of instructors includes: Susan Werner, Craig Bickhardt, Devon Sproule, Paul Reisler and Jason Blume. Devon played at songwriter night back in April in Parkersburg, and gave a songwriting clinic the next day. And I can say that just from that class, you will lean something! And reading the resumes of the rest of the instructors, she’s in pretty good company!

And of course, even if you are not a songwriter, these people are all excellent musicians and there will be a concert Saturday night, the 11th. I’ve always found it interesting to hear the songwriter play a hit song so you can get an idea of how the song originally sounded as compared to the final product from the “artist.” Yeah, I’m biased toward songwriters. Sue me!

See you there…….

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