Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Going Two Fisted

Because really, what else could make a WV fan want to drink more than knowing that two projected starters on the defense, J T Thomas and Ellis Lankster were arrested for stealing being found in possession of a stolen lap top? And suspended for at least the first two games or more depending on the outcome of their legal proceedings. This is the defense that was not very good at stopping people from passing all over the field on them last year. A defense that is admittedly thin up front. A defense that is getting more offensive with every passing day. In my eyes at least.

“Right now we’re working on a shoestring budget in the defensive line,” Kirelawich said at the time. “We have only about five ready to play.”
So yeah, I'm going two fisted tonight and thinking about moving WV down even further in my blogpoll. And I could be in need of some puppy uppers! Not ready for the goodbye cruel world speech just yet, but fucking fuck fuck fuck!

Ok, I need to take this in a completely different direction. I had the pleasure, and I really mean that, to tour with Hasil Adkins for a short time. And nothing has surprised me since then. The sad thing is that he really was a rock star of sorts in Europe. And was probably screwed out of a ton of money. But hey, that's the music biz for you.

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