Thursday, September 20, 2007

Internet Down Makes Me Angry

I'm having my roof replaced, and the guys apparently dropped multiple pieces of slate on the cable running to my house. So that's why you haven't seen anymore Pirate girls this week. And since posting from work probably isn't too good an idea, I'll keep this short. Keep an eye on my posts at the FanHouse on the top right. I'm doing a thing called the College Football Songbook every Sunday/Monday of what I think is the funniest story in college football. Below is an example from last weeks Auburn-Mississippi St. game. Special hat tip to fellow FanHouser Pete Holiday, who is putting the videos together.

And until I can get my internet back up at home, keep an eye on the Bastard Sons of Pinfall Marks since they cover WVU and had the same idea that I had as far as hot Pirate chicks for the ECU game notes.


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