Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Maryland Preview

God I hate short weeks. I haven't fully digested the embarrassing first half against Marshall yet, and I have to start thinking about Maryland. Well, I don't guess I really have to, but I guess I should. So, away we go.

Maryland is 2-0 and has played a weaker schedule than WVU, as if that was possible. But they beat Villanova 31-14 and Florida International 26-10. Woop! Woop! Not exactly impressive competition or final scores. I don't know what is more laughable, that Maryland only had 135 yards rushing and 135 yards passing against Fla. Int. or that Fla. Int. had 81 yards passing and 82 yards rushing. I'm all for a balanced attack, but you can't really call either of those attacks can you? It's more like balanced passive-aggressiveness. And Maryland had 207 yards passing and 211 rushing against Villanova. So we should expect equal amounts of passing and rushing from this years Terrapin team. Although when you are behind, you tend to pass a lot more, so we'll see.

Now on to the links:

Heather Dinich covers Maryland Football for the Baltimore Sun. Hey, she's kind of cute, and has a sense of humor. So the Mountainlair likes her despite her having to cover Maryland.

I saw Isaiah Williams catch two balls -- a sign of improvement.

She didn't say who's balls he caught, but hey, it's a blog.

Time of Possession has been Terp's ally.-"it’s hard to score when you don’t have the ball." Rich Rodriguez. Gotta love the coach speak.

Maryland Preview- From someone that is used to doing a systematic preview of games.

End of an Era for WVU-Maryland
- Yeah, so many great games and players in my lifetime. This is too good a game to not get back on the schedule! There was a time when Maryland was putting every quarterback into the NFL in the 80's. Boomer Esiason, Frank Reich, Neil O'Donnell. And while less popular outside of West Virginia, we had Oliver Luck and Jeff Hostetler. Ah youth.....

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MountainLaurel said...

I heard that Maryland's AD was on TV yesterday expressing interest in renewing the series. 2010 was mentioned but that of course depends on our holes and their holes. I'm crossing my fingers as this is too good a rivalry not to continue.