Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post Holiday Links

I think, like everyone else, I had a little too much fun over the long weekend. And I'm not quite ready to get into anything new. And I'll be on the road for the next few days. So anything new might not be in the cards. But I am planning on revamping the Early Crack Pipe Predictions, which I plan on rolling out as soon as I get back. Well, as soon as I can score some crack. It helps! Really, it does! Villanova, you're up first. And please don't take it too seriously when you see your mascot with a crack pipe.

On to the links:

This Bill Stewart guy is quite opinionated these days. I'm cool with his view on playoffs, and the out of bounds rule. I'm not real hip on his open letter backing WVU President Mike Garrison. But considering that's who hired him (WVU's AD is not at all in the loop when it comes to hiring or negotiating contracts with coaches), I guess if he was going to say anything it would be positive. There's a reason we call him smiling Bill.

I'm a crack head, but this post makes me think I'm a genius or something. Really? Pat White was hiding behind Rodriguez? Yeah, it's so bad it has been deleted.

Joe Paterno as only Adam Jacobi can bring it.


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