Monday, June 23, 2008

Goodbye George

By now, you've watched the Carlin youtube at least five times. And like me you probably feel like saying Fuck! Cocksucker! Shitballs!....etc. Oh, I forgot to say cunt. There, that's better. George Carlin will be missed. Like him or not, he was relevant for a long ass time. Name another stand up that stayed in the picture as long as he did. Rodney Dangerfield? Yeah. Richard Pryor would have if he could have stayed healthy. I have no doubt about that.

RIP brother

Also, on a lesser scale but no less important, MZone is hanging it up. Given what has gone down over the last few months, why does a WV blog care about a Michigan blog? For a lot of reasons, MZone was one of the few blogs I made a point to check every day. Funny for sure! They gave me loads of ammo to hurl at my tOSU workmates. They were cool when I/we inadvertently stole a couple pictures from them for the FanHouse. And just cool in general. So here's hoping they pull a Johnny and get back to blogging in the near future. But if not, it was great while it lasted.

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