Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thinning the Herd and Stuff

Sidebar Stuff

Some changes to the sidebar were way overdue! I'm not done, but I think I deleted most of the blogs that weren't staying up to date. Hit me if you want a link over there.

Dick Cheney is a Dick!

What, this does not surprise you? Sure this has nothing to do with college football or sports for that matter. It's just something that I know, something I wanted to point out, and now seems like a good time. First the video of what he said:

Why couldn't she say something like, "Mr. Cheney, you've shown yourself to be the complete ass hat we all thought you were."

Then I came across this today from my friend Rudy @ Radio Free Charleston and Pop Cult, and felt like posting the two together would be a good thing.

Just plain stuff

Finally, sticking with the complete lack of sports coverage theme, Time.

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