Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Coal Tattoo

We're Dancing Outlaws today folks! One more day until the weekend, starting off with The Limbs tomorrow night and then blissful rest and harmony the rest of the weekend!

Rich Rodriguez wants you to know that Bill Stewart wanted to come to Michigan with him. Kettle meet pot. Accusing anyone of anything after you had your attorney compare your buyout to enslavement or have your offensive coordinator make a baseless accusation that he wasn't hired because of race...ya see where I'm going here? Notice I'm not holding up the WVU administration in the best light because we are all seeing what was going on with the President of the University and the Governor of WV. Ya know, this was probably the best thing that could happen to both parties. The athletic department might start running the athletic department again, the Governor might start worrying a little more that a large percent of our population lives like Jesco White, and Rich Rod got his big name program. If you want to watch part of the interview of which I speak, click here. The full interview will be aired Saturday sometime about 9-11 am. It's in the video and you're going to watch it anyway. Right? Oh yeah, my google reader is flooded with the headline that two WVU players were kicked off the team. Really? I had no idea!

Adam Jacobi is killing it over at FanHouse with his JoPa thing. I know it probably upsets my Penn State friends, but man is it like crack to me.

Remember James Jett with me over at Daus House.

Yeah, things aren't looking to good for The Orange this year. And I'll probably say a lot of bad things later in the year about them. So I better say something nice now. I am looking forward to seeing this movie. Not too many Big East schools, or any schools for that matter, can boast the same history as Syracuse.

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