Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Burns The Mountainlair, But Don't They All

Later today I'll be on Every Day Should Be Saturday doing the Visiting Lecturer series on West Virginia. So check back often. I'll fix the link when the post goes live. And as you will read, I have a problem with slate roofs. Particularly mine. I spent oodles of money turning this...

into this....

Or this if you're into full frontal Victorian beauty...

But we had a prayer meeting with the contractor today over a leak, so I'm a bit burnt about the whole thing. Anyhow, on to the links of the day.

Finally, a feel good story about West Virginia football.

But there's seemingly always a ray of darkness surrounding the WVU program.

"(Robon) went over the fact (Garrison) and Heather Bresch went to high school
together and that Mike had been a lobbyist for Mylan Pharmaceuticals, where
Heather Bresch is a CEO, and, of course, the EMBA issue," Flaherty said. "We let
him explore that completely and the president answered every question fully and

"One doesn't have anything to do with the other," he said.
"We have a pure contract case. That President Garrison has stepped down has
nothing to do with it. They've tried to make it an issue of Coach Rodriguez's
credibility versus President Garrison's, but we don't believe it'll come down to
that because it's an issue of law. If it does come down to that, we feel very

Back up quarterback Charlie Russell is giving up football. And that kind of make the depth chart shallow at West Virginia.

Lastly, in the no big surprise file, Marshall season ticket sales are down. The why is because many Mountaineer fans had to buy Marshall season tickets to go to the Coal Bowl last year in Huntington.


MountainLaurel said...

It is so beautiful! Wish I could get a lovely Victorian like her.

Johnny said...

Thanks MTLaurel!