Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fire Mike Parsons? OK!

When Rodriguez was being courted by Alabama a couple years ago, a lot of rumors were floating around about WVU's assistant AD, Mike Parsons. I even referred to him from time to time as "Richard Cranium." The reason being that from the outside looking in, you got the feeling that he was one of the major reasons that Rodriguez was looking around.

My thoughts about the man were later validated when I asked a friend that used to be student body president at WVU about Parsons. From what I understood, everything was a constant fight with this man. And if he treated Rodriguez with the same attitude he treated the student body, it's really no wonder Rodriguez is gone.

The way things work in the WVU athletic program is that Parsons is the deal maker, and AD Ed Pastilong is the hand shaker. So with the news that Ed Pastilong had no idea Huggins was getting a new contract this spring until 24 hours before the announcement was to go public, I just have to question whether it's time to clean house in the athletic department. But if that isn't enough for you, how bout this.

“I have counseled the athletic director (Ed Pastilong) that I think Mike Parsons should be fired,” said the lawyer via the deposition. “I’ve counseled the (university) president that I think Mike Parsons should be fired. ... I don’t think he’s good for the athletic department.”

Farmer’s thoughts on this were not just based on the radio network, but on Parsons’ entire performance, saying he created a “culture of no.”

“I mean if there’s a question, the answer from Mike Parsons is no,” Farmer said. “It’s not, well, what do we need to do to figure that out or is that a good idea, or a bad idea, (it) is no ... I think we could have somebody in that position in the athletic department that would be better for the athletic department.”
You see, West Virginia probably lost Rodriguez at least partially because of this guy. Put yourself in pre-Rod to Michigan days Mountaineer fans and think how that statement makes you feel. The same thing is also true for Beilein. We're all very happy with his replacement, Huggins. But to let the guy that resurrected the Mountaineer basketball program go the way they did is a black eye on the program in my opinion. And now it seems Parsons has been putting up a brick wall about the radio deal, I guess because he wouldn't be in complete control anymore. Costing the university money while he's at it. Let' s just get rid of the guy and move on. I can't imagine we could do any worse.

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