Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thursday Coal Tattoo

Damn! You drink too much and you wake up with a coal tattoo.

Bad news for the Big East, George Selvie is planning on coming back for his senior season. He had a blast at the sausage party we call the Playboy All-American photo shoot.

Q: How many of your teammates asked if you saw any Playboy playmates?
A: “A lot of them. They thought I was at the [Playboy] mansion. I told them it wasn’t at the mansion, it was at a resort [in Phoenix]. They were like, “Man, what kind of Playboy All-America team is it if you don’t get to see the playmates?”
My thoughts exactly.

Garrison: Rodriguez was distraught before quitting

Really? You mean losing a shot at the national title upset him? Hmmmm. Rodriguez's agent was threatening to shop Rodriguez around from the moment Garrison took office.

Garrison testified that during his first meeting with Brown in July 2007, Brown admitted to him that he had pushed Rodriguez toward the Alabama job he eventually turned down and that he would continue to push him toward other jobs.

According to Garrison, “Brown did not believe West Virginia University was up to keeping, what he called — and I was surprised when he said this — ‘Product Rodriguez’ and that there were other jobs. He wanted me to be aware that he would continue to ‘shop,’ as he put it, ‘Product Rodriguez’ on the open market.”
Skip the first few paragraphs of that story if you click the link. It is one of the worst openings to an article I have ever read.

Big East men's basketball opponents schedule has been released (pdf). West Virginia avoids playing any of the big boys more than once. You should have come back Joe. What the hell are you going to do with all that money anyway?

WVU finishes 30th in the director's cup. Marshall does so bad they aren't ranked. Seems about right.

Have a great weekend everyone. Stay safe.

Happy Gilmore - Bob Barker Beat Down

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