Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Parkersburg Could Be Title Town, USA

Some things catch me off guard, and some things flat out surprise the shit out of me. Not to take anything away from the accomplishments of the athletes from Parkersburg High, but it just catches me off guard that they would be mentioned in the same breath as Green Bay, Gainsville, New York, etc. But then again, this is a pretty nice list:
At Parkersburg High School, we have accumulated 20 state wrestling titles, 21
[boys] state tennis titles, 11 state football titles, 11 volleyball titles, 11
state golf titles and 14 basketball titles in less than 100 years.
PHS has
132 championships in less than 100 years.

Now what chance do we really have for winning?

We can always dream Big Reds!


Anonymous said...

No offense, but all of the Parkersburg local high schools; Parkersburg High, Parkersburg South High,and Parkersburg Catholic are all responsible for amassing the impressive Championship figures that qualified Parkersburg for the Title Town nomination. It is the talent and effort of the athletes from all of these schools that has bestowed this honor on Parkersburg, not just the PHS record.

Kimberly Edwards said...

Actually Parkersburg has 192 State Titles not 132 and yes we are in with the Big Dogs but where do these Pro and College Athletes get their start? High School, that's where and the city of Parkersburg has sent their fair share of athletes on to become great College and Pro Athletes like Nick and Steve Swisher and Chad Pennington just to name a few. I think West Virginia as a whole should rally around the city of Parkersburg and show the nation that not only does Parkersburg have a great history in sports but the entire state of West Virginia does as well!

Johnny said...

Sorry Kim, I copy and pasted what ESPN had on there originally. They must have changed it.