Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Coal Tattoo Is Going To Be Drinking A Lot More After This Week

It's what you do while no one is watching that sends you to church on Sunday.

GREG motherfuckin' IS motherfuckin' MS. I know it is a way too often used phrase, but if you don't go read those three posts the terrorist have already won! You wouldn't want that would you? WOULD YOU?!?!

Amazing that I have the stones to look anywhere else than WVU for something to talk about after the past couple days. I know! But just in case you didn't hear, let Orson tell you.

Assault doesn’t seem to cover this; nor does generic burglary charges. Therefore, we award four points for each charge, and a bonus point for, well, HOLY HELL IN FRONT OF A FIVE-YEAR OLD CHILD? That’s Killing Joke Joker territory, there.
Fuckity fuck fuck fuck! "Boy go get me a paper bag and some model glue. Don't ask questions! Just do it!"

UPDATE: It turns out that Washington left the team well before the arrest. So he obviously knew his time was limited at West Virginia and rather than disgrace the university, he went "lonewolf" and just disgraced himself.

On top of that, I ask you to remember yesterdays posts about a Pirates game gone wrong (don't they all?) and a baseball coach that has a problem getting along with people of other races. God, my only thoughts are the words of Colin Cowherd when he said, "you can tell a successful program by the number of arrests." And that's no justification in my book. It's just greasy, grimy, sloppy eggs.

I'm not one to make threats here, but seriously! Is anyone in charge in Morgantown? What has to happen for this stuff to stop? He's gone? Him too? (admit it, those aren't the two guys you were thinking) Unfortunately, number 2 is still with us.

I feel sorry for Villanova. I really do. I don't think any team in the history of the universe has ever had such a bad off season after winning a BCS bowl game as WVU. I mean, we're in a tie for the Fulmer Cup lead. That other thing that was in the news every fucking day of the week. Gas prices are $4 a gal. or better, and the season is still 30 days away. This will be bad. This will be the biggest release since John Holmes headed to that great porn shop in the sky. The Wildcats are probably going to feel like this when it's all over. And you better believe I'll be playing the part of John Cleese.

The season can't get here soon enough

But other than that, everything is cool.

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